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[Web Hosting] What does Shared IP means?

All of the web hosting accounts are created under Shared IP, which means that the IP is not only dedicated to you. There would be other websites that functions on the same IP.

What problems i can face with Shared IP?:
You may face such problems from email reputed providers if the IP is being used for an illegal purpose, such as getting into Email Blacklist. We take very strict action against any illegal activity, we do not allow our IPs to be misused. If it is misused in this case, we shall contact the email providers to remove it from blacklist which can take time. However we may not be responsible for any delay in handling this issue, consider getting a whole different email hosting solution if it is on your top priority.

Is it possible to get a Dedicated IP?:
It is always possible to get a Dedicated IP, but pricing is way higher for Dedicated IPs. We have been providing one of the most affordable hosting solution, however when we include Dedicated IPs, it wouldn't be as cheaper as we want it to be. Dedicated IP is a good choice if email is your top priority so that you will not face any problems for anything done by other user as IP will be dedicated to you. Create a support ticket if you would like to get a Dedicated IP.

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