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[Web Hosting] How to edit/update name servers?

Updating the name servers of your domain is necessary for the domain to work, if you do not know how to update or edit name servers, please follow this tutorial.


  1. Go to the website from where you registered domain, however if you registered domain and web hosting both from Limitless Hosting, you can simply check your email for "New Service Activated" of Web Hosting. You can see the list of name servers mentioned.

  2. At domain registrars(Where you bought domain), you will see an option to change the name servers.
    For Name server 1, check your email "New Service Activated", you must find first name server there.
    For Name server 2, check your email "New Service Activated", you must find second name server there.
    There might be place for Name server 3 and Name server 4, you can just leave the place empty for it.

  3. Now name server has been changed, you have to wait up to 24-48 hours for the domain to work.
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