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Backup/Restore (2)

Tutorial on SiteWorx on how to take a backup, restore a backup.

Domain Management (4)

SiteWorx: How to remove, add, edit addon domains, parked domains and redirect domains.

Email (6)

How to create an email in SiteWorx, edit it, forward it, etc.

FTP (3)

How to Create, Delete, Manage SiteWorx FTP Account.

Others (3)

How to fix errors in SiteWorx, Create Friendly URL, Page Redirect, etc.

Security (4)

SiteWorx tutorial on a password-protected directory, IP blacklisting, hotlink protection, etc.

SiteWorx Basic (8)

How to reset SiteWorx Password, Filemanager, Cronjobs, Statistics, etc.

Softaculous (5)

SiteWorx tutorials on Softaculous Auto-Installer Software.